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Thank you for your interest in our community.  We are glad you want to become a resident.  To assist you in this process our application is available online for your convenience and our criteria for residency is listed below.   The application fee is $50.00 which will be collected before application submission. 

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If you need assistance or have any questions, please call our offices at (775) 825-5239.


Criteria for Residency

Following are the minimum criteria used by Lucky Lane Mobile Home Park to screen and select residents.  Please take the time to review this list carefully.  

Co-applicants are persons, such as your spouse, who will also live in the home.  This is not a co-signor.  Lucky Lane does not accept co-signers.  The co-applicant(s) must also submit application through our portal.  Each application can have up to 2 applicants, over 18, who will live in the home.  Each applicant must qualify individually unless it is a spouse.

Each applicant's income must be at minimum four times the total of the space rent and utility fees if the applicant is purchasing a home in the Park.  Applicants wishing to apply for residency and are renting a home from the Park should check with Management for the minimum qualifications as rental pricing varies from house-to-house.

Current landlord reference must be listed on the application with a phone number.  If applicant has not resided at current address for 60 months (5 years), prior landlord references must be listed with a phone number to account for the last 60 months of rental history.

We must be able to verify applicant’s source of income or employment.  We may use any of the following means to verify employment and income:

Direct employer verification

Three months’ pay stubs

Three years' tax returns

Applicant must have had the same source of continuous income (industry) or employment for a minimum of 12 months.

Applicant should not have excessive financial obligations.  The guideline we use is that total financial obligations should not exceed 75% of income.

NO negative remarks on credit history.

The application must be filled out completely and truthfully.

No prior evictions.

No notices of any kind from a previous landlord and no deposit withheld because of property condition.

No previous neighbor complaints or police reports regarding disturbing the peace.

No notices of any kind regarding a violation of a previous rental agreement.

We do not accept co-signors in any form.

If you are purchasing a home in the Park you must live in the home and apply for residency as we are an “owner-occupied” Park.  The owner of the home must occupy the home on a permanent basis.  Owners cannot assign, sub-lease or otherwise rent all or any portion of the mobile home or space.

Positive identification with a picture will be required.  We will photocopy both driver’s license and social security card for each applicant.  AN ITIN IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR A SOCIAL SECURITY CARD AND CANNOT BE USED FOR THIS PURPOSE.  YOU MUST HAVE A VALID SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER IN ORDER FOR US TO GET YOUR CREDIT REPORT.

No exotic pets are allowed including, but not limited to, snakes, reptiles, pigs, ferrets and the like.  The Park allows three (3) approved pets (up to two (2) dogs) per Space, and the Park Manager must meet the prospective pet in order to grant approval.  Applicant must be able to provide proof of license, tags and shots for pets.  The Park’s liability insurance carrier will not allow us to accept pit bulls, rottweilers, presa canarios, wolf-hybrids or other "fighting" breeds.  

Incomplete, inaccurate or falsified information will be grounds for denial of the application or subsequent termination of tenancy upon later determination of information being falsified.  Any applicant that is a current illegal drug abuser or is addicted to a controlled substance or who has been convicted in any court of competent jurisdiction of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance will be denied tenancy.  Any individual whose tenancy would constitute a direct threat to the health or safety of any other individual or whose tenancy would result in substantial physical damage to the property of others will be denied tenancy.