Application Instructions



2. Review the criteria for residency

3. Click on “Apply Now” and create a Tenant Web Access account with your email address and name

4. Check your email and click the “Finalize” button to verify your web account

5. When asked, create a password

6. Log in with your email address and newly created password

7. Complete the application, then click the “Submit” button

8. Complete the payment of the application fee

9. A verification email will be sent to you when submission is received


After submitting your application online you will be contacted by our Park office within 3 business days.   

An in-person meeting will be scheduled to gather copies of your supporting documentation (ID’s, SS card, pay stubs, etc.) and answer any questions you may have about the Park or the unit.  

Your completed application (online submission and supporting documentation) will be sent to our business office for processing.  

The business office will then contact you if additional information is needed and/or with the decision on your application for residency at Lucky lane.  

A decision letter will also be mailed to the address provided in your application.  

Our business office processes applications in the order they are received.  

If we do not process your application, your fees will be refunded.


For more information about the Park please visit our website